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the project

Mathematics is more than numbers, formulae and calculations. It is language with its own literature and uses a different notation for something known. Similiar to music, where the scores can only capture so much of a piece, mathematics goes beyond in what is written down. Aesthetical aspects are traditionally part of the appreciation of mathematical work and this, I think can be said with some confidence, will live on.

The starting point of this master project was the mathematical illiteracy and its social acceptance. While this fear can be understandable for complex mathematical questions, it shows as well in very basic and comprehensible things, where simple mathematical concepts are confronted with the experiences we make in our daily life. These are the moments of “equally unequal”. The artefacts allow you to take a look into where doing the equal things lead to unequal results.


Nominated for the ZHdK Design Förderpreis 2020.